Tim Crocker BSc (Managing Director)

E-mail: timc@scimar.co.uk

Tim graduated in Physics from Bristol University in 1974, going first into oil exploration with a stint deep in the Libyan desert, and then into mainstream UK ‘big company’ electronic design. In 1978 he returned to academic life at the UK ‘Institute of Oceanographic Sciences’, as sole researcher producing the first working ship-borne ‘Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler’, with his published work underpinning the science of what is now a standard oceanographic tool. However he preferred commercial life, returning initially in a sales role in the geophysics industry, followed by a move to become Chief Engineer at Valeport Ltd, the leading UK hydrographic and oceanographic equipment manufacturer. He set up Scimar Engineering Ltd in 1987, initially working mainly with a group of oceanographic companies originating in IOS, providing the electronics packages for ocean instruments. As the company evolved he has worked as director, and mainly CTO in the associated and spin out companies. His prime technical work at present is as the R&D 'lead' on the new, very high torque electric drive motors being developed under the EU FP7 'SAFEDRIVE' project. Tim is also actively involved as a committee member of SMEIA (www.smeia.org) the pan-sectoral trade body for high technology SMEs, representing the organisation in meetings with government and other stakeholders.