Our RS232 opto-isolators have been in production for 20 years now. RS232 continues to be the simplest low bandwidth data link in industrial environments.

COMING SOON: USB to isolated RS232, USB to isolated RS485/422 scheduled for Q4 2014

Our Split-Pi DC-DC controllers offer innumerable applications and advantages. The patented Split-Pi technology enables Up and Down voltage conversion ('Boost' and 'Buck') and allows current to flow In and Out of the device while delivering extremely high power effiency (>97%) across most of the load map, and very high power density.

Current products at 1.5 kW and 4.5 kW ratings are;

UDIO.60.25.L which is rated at 60V and 25 Amps max working on either terminal pair

UDIO.60.75.3P which is rated at 60V and 75 Amps max working on either terminal pair

We also offer an Application Board designed powerful controller for Split-Pi devices, for use both for prototyping, and as an embedded production controller. There are two flavours of the Application Board, one has a powerful Parallax SX48 processor for advanced users, the second has an easy to program Parallax Basic Stamp 2px Interpretor enabling most users to get their application up and running quickly. Both versions incorporate a 12bit ADC with 4 external inputs, a real time clock counter and multiple power options from battery to AC adapter.