Split-Pi Application Board CUDIOOur Application Board is designed specifically for the implementation of user's applications of our Split-Pi power controllers. Allowing you to quickly and easily write a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm for Solar PV / Wind Turbine, throttle control for an electric vehicle or even a battery balancing / charging control method.



The Application Board comes in two flavours:

  • For users with embedded software experience, we can offer a board with a Parallax SX48 processor with an instruction set similar to the PIC16, this processor runs at up to 50MIPS.
  • Our second and most popular option is the powerful yet easy to use Parallax Basic Stamp 2px interpretor. This enables users with very little experience of programming to write their application quickly in a simple more human readable scripting language.

All Application Boards have an onboard 16bit ADC with 2 external input channels, an RTCC, the current loop master for communication with one or more Split-Pi devices and multiple power combinations.

Download the latest Basic Stamp and SX-Key software from Parallax Website

An example BS2px script that reads voltage and current from Split-Pi can be downloaded here CUDIO1Test.bpx

Texas Instruments ADS1115 ADC datasheet download

Maxim Dallas DS1307 RTCC datasheet download