The UDIO.60.25 DC-DC controllers are the first product series based on a new patented DC-DC controller topology named 'Split-Pi', and offer features not otherwise available in the market. UDIO stands for “Up-Down-In-Out”: these are Three Terminal (common ground), Positive Unipolar (+V in, +V out) controllers that can convert both up and down (Boost and Buck) AND pass full current both forward and backwards (Source or Sink), all seamlessly under software control.

They are currently available at rated power levels of 1.5kW  and 4.5 kW and devices up to 64 kW are now under development. Principal application of the UDIO60.25 are for a low voltage (<= 60V) DC PM motor controllers, electrolysers and fuel cells, battery management, and ultra-capacitor applications such as DC Link support. Main features are:

  • Very high efficiency >98% at max rated voltage and current, 99%+ typical mid loads
  • Output voltage seamlessly from 0 to 2 times input voltage (0-n (where n<5) by special order)
  • Bi-lateral current control: current can flow in either direction through the converter, allowing regenerative braking in motor controls, and charge balancing in battery systems. There is a natural 'voltage source' characteristic with low (typ 15mOhm) apparent transfer impedance.
  • Native control by serial isolated current loop (EIA 20mA), two wire, half duplex implemented as fully isolated which can be converted to RS232 (via adaptor) and USB from a laptop or other control processor. Devices are addressable and multiple units can be controlled via one isolated current loop.
  • Accurate input and output voltage and current data feedback via digital ports allowing external closed loop control (on top of internal voltage source control characteristic)
  • Extremely low voltage and current ripple at input and output, typically < 5mV RMS
  • Fully zero load voltage stable
  • No changeover switches to effect bi-directional current flow: OHM'S Law rules! Current flow is controlled by the input output voltage ratio that Split-Pi is commanded to set, and by the characteristics of source and load.


Physical details

Size - 50mm (W) x 50mm (H) x 328mm (L) excluding connections and heatsink

Weight - 1.5kg (NB: 1kW/kg power:mass ratio)



UDIO.60.25.L - Product Manual


For further information, technical AND sales, please contact us as per details below. We can answer most questions quickly and can send a data-sheet with further information.

These devices have been developed by Scimar Engineering Ltd and are manufactured under licence from 3DI Power Ltd.